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Pharmacy is a noble profession since the services ultimately reach the suffering
humanity, either directly or indirectly. Pharmacy professionals' deal with the life saves, pain-relieving, problem-solving substances - The Drugs'|
A drug during its long journey from the lab until it is administered to the patient, passes through the hands of a pharmacy professional at various stages like discovery, synthesis or isolation and purification, testing for advantageous pharmacological effects and absence of toxicological effects, formulation development. manufacturing and testing of drugs and ultimately medication management in the hospital.
We at S. N. College of Pharmacy, try hard to mold the budding professionals competent in knowledge and skills, powered with values, so that they can be better humans and best professionals for tomorrow.
It gives me great pleasure to reach out to you through the college brochure on behalf of S. N. College of Pharmacy.
Our College has spacious and well-equipped laboratories, with the latest sophisticated instruments. To our credit, we have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching faculty.
I strongly believe that the Pharmacists are responsible for producing good quality medicines. We say with a sense of pride that S.N. College of Pharmacy provides the best educational training and a wide range of opportunities for our students to enhance their career
Dr. Brajesh Kumar Garg,



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