1. Staying in touch with the Institute, classmates, fellow alumni and current students, both personally and professionally.
  2. Participating in continuing educational programs.
  3. Interaction with the present students and delivering expert lectures.
  4. Technical collaboration in projects.
  5. Academic collaboration.
  6. Meetings and Reunions.
  7. Associating S. N. College of Pharmacy in any form.

Director's Message for Alumni

Director (Research & Development)

Dear Alumni,

As a Director, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you, for being a part of S. N. College of Pharmacy family. S. N. College of Pharmacy is well known for the intellectual excellence in all the programs. Our vision is to be recognized as an innovative and leading college in the State and beyond.

In the recent time of enormous competition, the only way to be ahead is Networking of all kinds of resources - ideas, knowledge, expertise and people. S. N. College of Pharmacy "ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" is the first step towards networking of such resources. The need for such a type of Association was long - felt by many alumnis of S. N. College of Pharmacy. Apart from that raising the awareness about S. N. College of Pharmacy, the forum would boost interactions among alumni spread in various regions of the world & strengthen and re - establish the links of alumni with S. N. College of Pharmacy.

Wishing all our alumnis a very bright future ahead and appealing to contribute in whatever way in building the brand of S. N. College of Pharmacy.

We are looking for prompt & plausible responses.

Join Alumni Network (Click Here) Recruitment Form (Click Here)

As we consider our Alumni as brand ambassadors and we expect from them to take part in the career making of their college students. We are offering you to participate in the placement and recruitment process of SN College Students. If there is any vacancy/ requirement/ suggestion regarding the placement in any stream of Pharmacy, Kindly go threw the above link.

Why should I Join the Alumni Association?

Alumni Networking

Meet new people, make connections, and enhance relationships at alumni events throughout the year.

Discount in Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

50% fee discount will be given to all lifetime alumni members in all Conferences/workshop/Seminars organized by SN College, Jaunpur throughout the year.

Advance Your Career

Alumni Members can utilize career related assistance through our alumni mentors. Noteworthy alumni help get you on the right career path before, and after graduation.

Alumni Events

Receive invitations (with family) to receptions, game events and special activities organized by Alumni Association.

University & Alumni Information

Receive information through your e-mail account, read about news and happenings at SN College, Jaunpur through the Alumni e-Newsletter.



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