Founder Chairman’s Desk

Founder Chairman’s Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to greet you all. S.N College of Pharmacy is full of new opportunities to improve further on whatever we have been able to build since 2019 and whatever yet remains to be achieved to become one of the best in this field at the National level in this new session.
To transform the young minds into knowledgeable Pharmacists so that they will serve in industries far and near.
Reputation of the institution has reached distant shores in entire country National Conference for two days in December 28-29th 2019 is a glowing of our ever growing capabilities.
Time has come; I believe to spread our wings further and create opportunities for many more students to take advantage of the rich academic resources both in terms of logistics and in terms of collective wealth of human intellect, aptly demonstrated by our faculty members and others staff.
I am confident, the combined brainstorming of teachers and the taught of this precious “gem” of S. N College of Pharmacy will put it indelible mark very soon at National Level.
My best wishes to the guardians and students who have reposed faith in us.
Naresh Chandra
Founder Chairman

Founder Chairman’s Desk

It is great credit to be a part of an educational organization definitely trusts in preparing strong minded students to be imminent elites. I have seen how S.N College of Pharmacy has developed to its related communication procedures, which suggest us to apply these techniques in our teaching environment. We have hired best teachers who are not only the great learners while they are capable to combine their knowledge with the real world scenario. It is astonishing that we are achieving knowledge with skills with the market value and future strategies which would make our students to be able to compete internationally.
We always think in term of changing scenario coupled with human personalities which would be able to create futuristic mind-set that will shape to a country construction with a robust adherence to commercials morals. A high level research activity along with the inclusion of industrial components is not only prerequisite while it is the need of hour to apply these solutions to newly developed problems.
I hope that working closely with our students communities and industries, we are delighted to play not only a management part in inspiring India’s creative and traditional life while also, in instrumental revolution and financial affluence which would certainly contribute to advancements in the nurturing the self governing intellectual of our people. I warmly welcome all students and staffs to think beyond the boundary by becoming a part of the S.N College of Pharmacy.
Ish Narayan Singh
Founder Chairman


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